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Author Iain Sinnott – Sales & Marketing Director – QudoCloud

shopping on a mobile phoneAs businesses start to reset themselves and their teams for a return to the normal challenge of growth and prosperity, leaders and their teams must sit down together and get the technology mix right because in our modern world Technology = Productivity.

That’s a bold statement, I know, and you would be right to challenge it because it’s not quite accurate. The right technology paired with the right people for an identified purpose definitely equals productivity, but is the salesperson motivated by that or by the value of the tools in their portfolio? Teams, Webex, Zoom, contact centre, web chat, call recording, mobile extensions, home working, reports, GDPR, broadband, desk phones, softphones, all play a part in the solution your people need, but doing your research and selecting a supplier with a portfolio of choices has never been more important.

Here are 5 golden rules:

    • Make sure your supplier has a 30-day contract option:

      Flexibility is vital in a changing world and even with good pre-purchase research and advice, it may take a while to get a balance of technologies that fit your team and the processes needed by the business. Longer-term deals may offer a financial advantage and there is nothing wrong with switching to that, but make sure your supplier is not locking you into the first solution they design.

    • Try and personalise the solution to cover both the individual and the process:

      The easiest way to buy technology is to buy simple bundles that deliver the same tools to all users in a workgroup or department but with the technology of today you can easily personalise it down to each user. Perhaps mixing softphones with desktop handset based on the staff preference, perhaps some staff need more management support and coaching so call recording is required, perhaps the broadband at home for some is less stable so a mobile sim-based voice extension is required. Take the time now to understand your choices.

    • Focus on the customer’s experience:

      As well as thinking about your team, think about how your customer has changed. Almost everyone has video meeting capabilities so is this the time to bring a human face to conversations between your customers and your support teams? Do most of your customers connect to you from a mobile phone making SMS chat better than web chat, as an alternative to a voice queue?

    • Evolve to fit the world around you:

      When selecting a supplier look at their complete portfolio and support capabilities, not just the stuff you know you need today. Times change, your customers change, your industry and competitors change and your job is to make sure your technology helps you change, instead of dictating the way you operate. Ensure your supplier is evolving as fast as the market.

    • List the challenges and the outcomes, not the products:

      There will be a lot of potential technology tools that are new to you, but salespeople are often shy when it comes to educating their prospects. Only talk in terms of the positive outcomes you want not the technology you currently know. Leave space for salespeople to introduce new ideas and relate them to the outcomes you are seeking. If you talk about old tech many suppliers will sell it to you regardless of their own opinion.

Shopping should be fun, so create some time and get to know a few suppliers in this space, including us here at Qudo. You will be amazed at what clever business tools are out there, but in a cloud world, there is no rush to buy everything. Feel your way through the process adding elements in when the benefits can be clearly seen.

Good Luck.


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