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Who We Are?

We believe we have the smartest cloud PBX solution in the country but we also have a development team of 80 people working hard every day to make it even smarter, based on our design ideas and our customers’ requests. At the core is a Broadsoft hosted PBX soft switch but we are delivering so much more!
Our Uboss portal makes everything seem simple but we are as happy to supply a complex multi-site call centre as we are a couple of office telephones with a hunt group. You only buy what you need but our mission is to never constrain you; be as smart, flexible and modern as you want to be!

Our Vision

We want to help our clients work smart, deliver a great customer experience and get the most out of their staff. We aim to deliver simple VoIP solutions where simple is needed but to add ‘smart stuff’ wherever it is needed to make work easier!

Certification –   IS 632840

The International Organisation for Standardization has certified DRD Communications Ltd for ISO 27001. This confirms that the Qudo System, Process and Methodologies conform to accepted best practice in regards to the security of Information. ISO 27001 governs the way Qudo handles any information, both in terms of where it is stored, how it is transmitted, how it is encrypted and which members of staff have access to it.



Our People

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