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We’re delighted to introduce a new product to our portfolio – ProMusic

This IVR streaming service that is powered by PromptVoice can help you to deliver personalised and easy to configure queue music and messaging. Helping you to create tailored customer service messages for your telephony.

This brand new service allows each queued caller to hear a tailored stream of music and messages generated in real-time specifically created for them. Helping your callers feel like individuals and gives you the opportunity to turn ‘dead’ queuing time into productive time.

  • Share the most appropriate FAQ messages to play can reduce average handling time and increases first call resolution!
  • Highlighting relevant self-service options increases self-service
  • Promoting targeted products upsells increases average order values

The system looks up the caller’s CLI or IVR-derived customer ID in the user’s CRM database to determine the most appropriate messages and even music genres to play.

ProMusic puts queue experience management in the hands of businesses, who can now schedule messages to play on specified days of the week, or aligned with particular seasonal campaigns. Message changes go live in real-time, avoiding any delay or dependency on IT/Comms staff.

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