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Unity Agent

Unity AgentFeaturing Personal Wallboard, IM&P and Abandoned Call Back, Unity Agent adds powerful additional features and the ability for providers to differentiate their BroadSoft call centre offering. The Personal Wallboard is unique in giving Agents real-time information on both the overall queue conditions and also their own call handling performance for all the call centres they are assigned to in BWKS and has been a key factor in Unity Agent being adopted by over 30 BroadSoft call centre providers world-wide.

Unity Agent is configured specifically for BWKS and supports all current BWKS call centre features including DNIS, Unavailable Codes and Disposition Codes. Furthermore, Unity Agent provides access to Agent real-time and historical reports available on R17 with DBS.


Personal Wallboard – Displays queue information including calls in queue, longest wait, total calls, calls answered, missed calls, average wait and average talk time.

Join/Leave Queue – Agents can change their availability to individual queues simply by right clicking the queue in the Personal Wallboard. Red and green icons toggle to show current status.

Changing ACD State – Available, Unavailable and Wrap-Up are button driven from the main Unity Agent interface. If Unavailable Codes are in use, they are listed when Unavailable is clicked.

 Supervisor Alerting – Right clicking any queue in the Personal Wallboard will allow the Agent to alert, either by calling or instant messaging, and Supervisor assigned to the queue in BWKS.

Disposition Codes – Right clicking a inbound ACD call in the Active Call Window will display a list of any Disposition Codes that have been configured in BWKS. The Agent can select multiple codes.

Outbound DNIS – Allows the Agent to change their outbound CallerID to be that of any call centre of which they are a member.


Unity Supervisor

Unity SupervisorUnity Supervisor is a powerful reporting and management engine that gives supervisors and team leader’s relevant, real-time performance information on Agents and queues.

Unity Supervisor supports all current services and historical reports on Broadsoft and adds some custom functionality, such as Threshold alerts, abandoned CallerID capture and instant messaging to Agents.


Thresholds & Alerts – Allows the Supervisor to determine thresholds that, once breached, either IM, email or play a sound to alert the Supervisor. Thresholds can be set against calls in queue, missed calls or average wait, all configured on a per queue basis.

Agent State – Remotely change the ACD queue availability of Agents [available, unavailable, wrap-up, sign-in, sign-out]

Agent IM – Automatically IM all Agents that are assigned to any queue from within Personal Wallboard.

Historical Reports – All reports currently available on BWKS DBS server are available.

Personal Wallboard – Displays queue information including calls in queue, longest wait, total calls, calls answered, missed calls, average wait and average talk time.

Staffed Ratio – Displays the number of Agents joined to the queue out of the total number assigned to the queue in BWKS.

Barge-In – By simply right-clicking a busy user in User Status, the Supervisor can barge-in, perhaps if they have received an IM requesting assistance from a supervised Agent.


Unity Wallboard

Unity WallboardUnity Wallboard is an essential tool in providing real-time visibility of queue conditions across the call centre. Suitable for call centre of any size, Unity Wallboard provides the flexibility to display the customers key metrics.

Wallboard is highly configurable and can display any mix of call centres and statistics, presented in a clear line format. By auto sizing to the dimensions of the host PC, customers can make best use of the Wallboard interface by changing the font size and display to their own requirement.


Queue Display – Wallboard supports scrolling of queues but still allows vital queues to be “nailed up” and permanently displayed. Wallboard also supports the Thresholds ability in Unity Supervisor.

Wallboard Stats – Statistics available include; Calls in queue, Longest wait time, Average Wait time, Missed calls, Received calls, Answered calls and Staffed Ratio.

Thresholds – Configure parameters that, when breached, will; be highlighted in Wallboard, providing a visual indication of unusual activity.