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Hosted Call Centre

Hosted Call Centre Reports

Qudo offers a scaled call centre portfolio catering from small, informal and unmanaged customer facing teams to large multi-site business with hundreds of Agents. One thing all these businesses have in common is a need to understand the dynamics of their customer calling patterns, ensure they are providing the best possible service and identify resource or training shortcomings. Qudo Hosted Call Centre Solutions are a crucial element in making sense of this..

Unity Supervisor Provides comprehensive real time and historical reports on Queue and Agent performance and queue utilisation. Each Supervisor can manage multiple ACD queue instances and Agents as required. Reports are both historical, going back up to 12 months, and real-time and can also be exported as csv for further manipulation. Reporting periods can be set for months or weeks for a high level view, or days, hours, and even down to 15 min intervals to really drill into specific calling patterns and trends. This level of granularity allows you and us to visualise your inbound ACD behaviour and make the appropriate queue changes to optimize call flow for your customers.

There are 24 report templates in four key areas;

Agent Statistics

  • Calls made and received [ACD, inbound direct and outbound calls and total durations
  • ACD state – time in Available, Unavailable and Wrap-up with Unavailable Code durations
  • Calls transferred and On Hold time can indicate Agent training issues
  • Bounced Calls where the Agent has not answered a call that has been presented. Multiple bounced calls can be set to change the Agent to Unavailable state
  • Time logged on and off 

Queue Statistics

  • Multiple reports to measure how many calls have been taken, overflowed or escaped. How many queued and how many abandoned during an entrance message, perhaps to indicate that the message answered the reason for the call
  • Detailed report will list every transaction in the call centre, including itemisation of every call that was delivered, to which call centre, which Agent answered and what happened. This can be a big report! Also available for export to Excel
  • Service level performance measuring against your own determined service levels. 

Abandoned Calls

  • We can analyse the how many calls are abandoning, what time of day are they abandoning and after what average duration are they abandoning
  • Also, what is the correlation between the number of Agents signed into the queue and the number of abandoned calls?
  • Number of Bounced and Stranded calls and those delivered during night service
  • The CallerID of abandoned calls can be collected and the Supervisor can assign these as callbacks to Agents when they are then marked as processed. The CLI the Agent presents when making callbacks can be automatically changed to the number of the queue the caller originally called making it more likely they will answer