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Call Recording

The growth of call centres has led to a significant expansion in the amount of business done by telephone. The need to ensure customer satisfaction, to train and supervise call centre staff, to achieve quality targets, to have a record of what was said in the event of a subsequent dispute - all these have inevitably led to widespread monitoring and recording of calls.

PCI Compliance

Using the unity Desktop app, users can optionally pause and resume call recording while a caller reads out credit card details to meet PCI or regulatory requirements.

Record All Devices, Everywhere

With our cloud based system, all home workers and remote sites are recorded centrally regardless of where they are. Calls on mobiles can also be recorded when the user is using Unity Mobile

Web Based Admin and Retrieval

Recorded calls are available almost immediately via the Uboss Portal.  Any user with the correct permissions can play back or download recorded calls.  Calls can also be searched logically by user, number, date, time etc.

Tamper Proof Storage

All recorded calls can either be downloaded or streamed from our network giving you the highest possible levels of data integrity Long Term Storage: Our redundant storage facility can retain your recordings archive indefinitely.