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Unity Mobile

Unity Mobile extends the call control, service configuration and instant messaging capabilities of Unity Desktop onto the mobile allowing our VoIP phone system users to efficiently manage extension calls on a mobile device. The underlying cellular number is totally masked for both the making and receiving of calls, providing a total “one number” solution using the underlying VoIP PBX extension DDI number.


unity mob

All calls are made and received through the native cellular dialler ensuring the high levels of call quality delivered by the GSM networks rather than the less efficient 4G data services

Supported Features

  • Call Back – To avoid cellular roaming charges when abroad, users can optionally select call back to utilize BroadWorks Remote Office service
  • Call Control – Hold, Transfer, Conference an inbound or outbound call
  • Supported Mobile Platform – Android and IOS

  • Call Through – Utilize BroadWorks Anywhere to make outbound mobile calls through BroadWorks, thus presenting your BroadWorks DID number
  • Broadworks Anywhere – Lookup Group and Personal Contacts and speed dials as configured in BroadWorks
  • Instant Messaging IM – any other Unity user in the Group or Enterprise