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Desktop Apps

Unity Reception

Unity Reception is a Windows PC application for your VoIP phone system that complements the IP phone and is designed to support even the busiest front desk environments. Featuring a dynamic Busy Lamp Field, the ability to tag callers on hold and “popping” notifications when desired extensions become free, Unity Reception has unique capabilities to efficiently and intelligently manage inbound callers.


Unity Reception Standard User

50 User Busy Lamp Field

Graphically display the extensions busy/free/ringing/DND display of 50 users. This list is user defined and any Unity presence status is displayed as a tool tip.

On Hold Notifications

Inbound callers, that are waiting for engaged extensions, can be tagged so the Receptionist can visually see who the caller is waiting for and for how long they have been on hold.

Active Call Window

Once a desired extension becomes free, Unity visually alerts the receptionist so the held caller can be transferred across.

Call Control

Buttons for efficient call handling, such as transfer [blind and announced], conference, send to users voicemail, transfer to users mobile etc.

Quick Keys

All actions can be assigned user defined quick keys for  fast, mouse-free use. For example ESC to Release and F1 or CTRL+T to Transfer. It’s entirely up to you.

Unity Reception Enterprise – Additional Functionality

Dynamic BLF Look-Up

Reception Enterprise will dynamically search all directories, including departments, extensions, mobile and email fields, and for internal extensions will display the extension presence status.

On Hold Notifications

The BLF will now display Outlook Calendar events for today for the selected user. If there are no Outlook Calendar events, then the BLF will show Unity presence status for the day.

Remote Service Configuration

Allows the Receptionist to change the BWKS service configuration and Unity presence status of other users. For example, if a user called in sick, the Receptionist can change their call forward and add a tooltip that they are unwell, which will be visible to any other Unity users in the customer group.