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Uboss is an essential tool in helping you get the most from the Qudo cloud PBX system. Accessible from any browser, Uboss is a Roles & Permissions based management interface that lets you do as much or as little admin as you would like. From simple changes, like resetting voicemail passwords, adding or configuring services to more advanced call routing programming for call centre Admins, Uboss will do everything in real-time from within a single interface.


Real Time Reporting

With a range of historic and real-time reports, Uboss can provide call trends, stats on incoming customer calls and performance and a complete reporting hierarchy for you to drill into any aspect of your cloud PBX performance or billing.

Wizards and Widgets

Featuring on-board wizards for repetitive tasks, Uboss can automate and simplify the back end processes allowing you to make the changes quickly. Customizable widgets on the uboss landing screen allow each user to tailor Uboss to their own job role providing a snapshot of what is happening at any given time